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How to get Started

1. Here are a few questions to help us find and build according to your your needs and goals.

What do your goals look like?

What are you expecting?

What do you need?

2. What Nature Coast Digital needs to get started for the website.

Your Logo

PDF, EPS, or High Resolution JPEG or PNG if possible.

Hosting Credentials

Your hosting account login and/or cPanel username and password.

WordPress Login

An Administrator login to your current WordPress website. (If you have one already)

Images and Pictures

Current and/or new images and pictures you would like to use on the new website. 


Page content and any updated verbiage/information for the website. 

Style Guide

Brand style guide, colors or any specific design requirements. 

These items can be uploaded to a secure drop box, emailed (unless the file is too large), or a thumb drive.