I have been building websites for almost 20 years off and on, from utilizing Dreamweaver in the early 2000s to using Microsoft Frontpage at my day job, and currently using WordPress with Divi. Hosting platforms have changed over the years, email, marketing challenges and many other improvements have grown during this time. Some other changes have been; social media, search engines, as well as advertising methods. What is the best for your business? What are your business needs? What do you want from your website?

We are located in Spring Hill, Florida. I grew up in Dade City, Florida and have also travelled the world, landing on five continents.  The life and world experiences I bring to the table are a bit varied, from growing up in a small town to working internationally. Since what we do is part of the world wide web, we can work with you any place you are or would like to be.

On a more personal note; I am a father of three and grand-father of two! I am retired from the U.S. Air Force, starting on active duty and then ending in the reserves. For fun, I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandsons, my girlfriend and her family, my parents, fishing when I can find the time and going to the beach. I love cars, especially muscle cars.

I enjoy seeing people and businesses succeed, and root for their successes and triumphs! I also am there when there might be the lows of business and life. 

If you have more questions or comments, just call me at 352-346-4512, use the “Contact Us” block or email me at Darren@NatureCoastDigital.com to see how we can work together.

Thank you!

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