Welcome to Nature Coast Digital. I am finally making time for this website and for the blog. I have been working on a few other websites and projects. I guess it is kind of like the old story about mechanics, plumbers, etc and working on everyone else’s stuff, except their own. 

I will give just a quick run-down on myself and the website. I have been building websites off and on since 2002. The first one was for a friend who opened up a guava restaraunt. Yes, I was also a taste tester for him. That was the hardest part!

From that point on, I have built websites every so often for friends and acquaintances. There have been an attempt or two at starting a business over the years, but life gets in the way and other things take priority. Currently, I have decided to make this a valid, worthwhile and long-term business. After building more sites, this is where I believe I am led, to serve the community and help others to get their own business online and bring in the clients and customers in a happy and generous way. 

Let me get back to the website and business building. Enjoy your time looking around here. If you have any quesions, please don’t hesitate to ask, contact me or use the “Ask for a Chat” button at the upper right. I would love to work with you.

Thank you.